Soccer drills for kids

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Coaching kids soccer can be fun and very rewarding but it can also sometimes tough and demanding.

Soccer drills for kids is here to help support and develop you in becoming a better and more confident coach.

You will find lots of ready made drills, session plans, hint and tips and other soccer coaching resources to help you succeed.

Animated Drills

About soccer Drills for kids

Do you struggle to set up coaching sessions on a week to week basis?  Are you running out of ideas for fun coaching session?

If you are anything like me then the answer will at some point in time have been yes. Back when I was new to coaching, I used to finish my day job and be driving home thinking “What am I going to cover at training tonight?”. I didn’t want the session to be too boring, too difficult, too repetetive or too difficult so it got me thinking.

To fix this problem, I decided to ensure I planned the session’s in advance. This would give me a balance from week to week between passing, shooting, dribbling, fitness and positioning drills. This gave an even spread over the season, giving my players a great chance to develop and keep motivated and interested.

I started to search the internet for soccer drills for kids and there are lots out there which really helped me at the beginning of my coaching journey. This is why I why decided to develop this website. To help other coaches like yourselves as I understand the difficulties you sometimes have spreading your time around evenly. After all we are volunteers with other commitments, work, families, hobbies and time is so precious these days.


You will find animated passing drills, shooting drills and dribbling drills to help you develop you coaching sessions. The key to success is having simple and easy to understand
drills to get the kids playing soccer and not listen to a 5 minute set up and not understand the drill.

My sessions would usual involve a 10 minute warm up with a ball, followed by a 15 minute shooting drill and maybe a 15 minute passing drill followed, followed by a mini match and maybe a fun penalty shootout at the end. This tended to work out giving a balanced approach of drills, fitness and some match practice. The best thing about it was it felt like there was a natural flow for the kids.

Remember, have fun for yourself and this will reflect on the kids and if the session does not go to plan, don’t worry just dust yourself down and be ready for the next session.